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Battery Manufacturing

Hibar is truly unique in its capability to provide the world’s leading manufacturers with innovative advanced automation solutions that are engineered specifically to suit their production automation requirements ranging from simple single station bottle filling systems to sophisticated high speed assembly systems running in excess of 1000 parts per minute. This unique capability is made possible through Hibar’s vertically integrated structure. Our structure incorporates all facets of custom building state of the art automated systems including engineering, manufacturing, machine assembly, machine controls and system testing and qualification.

Our comprehensive self-contained organizational structure not only facilitates efficient production of our standard products but it also enhances our ability to innovate. We can move quickly from concept to prototype to production as is required in the case of new and /or custom engineered automated systems.

A highly disciplines approach is applied with very close coordination of all departments. This effort is supported from start to finish by our fully integrated ERP System for managing the thousands of components, operations and logistics required for creating such a diverse range of custom equipment.