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The heart of Hibar’s operations is our high powered engineering team.  With a skilled team of designers and many years of automation experience, a highly collaborative approach of shared expertise is taken for each project.  This results in exceptional attention to detail and optimal design solutions.

Hibar uses state of the art 3D modeling throughout the mechanical design process together with full 3D mechanical simulation and finite analysis capabilities.  This ensures optimum efficiency in system development and supporting documentation.


Hibar’s team of in-house controls engineers is comprised of certified engineers and technologists that are continuously trained and upgraded to maintain peak skills in the latest trends in machine controls technologies.

Automated software is used extensively for the design of our system’s controls which provides accurate and efficient design schematics and comprehensive documentation.

A disciplined, structured approach is applied for all automation software development resulting in consistent easy to follow machine logic and user friendly machine interfaces.


By following proven project management principles, our experienced team of Project Engineers are capable of managing the myriad of logistics associated with even the most complex automation projects.

Using our integrated computerized information system, our Project Engineers work closely with our customers with a goal of exceeding expectations. By closely managing timelines, expediting, tracking costs and resources our Project Engineering Team ensures that projects are completed on-time and on budget and with the high performance that Hibar’s customers have grown to expect.